Welcome to the TREND learning portal for entrepreneurs.

This portal was specially made for you who would like to start or develop your business in Europe.

This portal will help you to discover your options of starting your own business based on your skills and experience. The portal may be part of your process to reflect on what you have, what you need and how to proceed to make your dream of becoming self-employed true. As Prof. Muhammad Yunus said: "We are not job seekers - we are job creators!" If this option sounds like you, please move on to sign up to use this learning portal for free.


The portal has a few options for you to choose among.

First, the language. There are three available languages: English, Arabic and French.
For a guide on how to translate Youtube video click here...

Then, the stream. Two streams were created (blue and green). In order to select the one that fits you the best, please answer the questions you find in the home page and select the stream accordingly. You may switch between the blue and the green stream as you wish at any point. The choice is yours!

Finally, the bonus material. We also have added additional material if you wish to go deeper in the topics.

We hope you will find it useful no matter what situation you are in.

The portal can be used on a computer, a tablet or on your smartphone. You may choose to go through all the modules or just what you feel is relevant for you. Please do note that the content we have provided is aimed at being as neutral as possible. However, as we know that tone can be an ambiguous thing and that even the best intentions could be misinterpreted, feel free to contact us to let us know about any elements you might find inappropriate.


You may also want to select a mentor to advice you.

This choice is a separate menu in the portal and will show you possible persons/organizations involved in giving business advice. Some of the organizations also provide access to microfinance so you may have a chance to finance your project. We as partners in the TREND project provide the links to these mentors and organizations, but they will provide their services independently of us in the TREND project.
We wish you good luck on your journey towards starting or expanding a business!

Microfinance Norway, 6th December 2019


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